Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Movement Release - The Walkthrough.

I'm going to walk you through a classical-digital composition called "Slow Walk Through A Digital Forest." This movement in four parts comes with a visualization instruction manual.

(All apologies, not yet full realized in a cinematic sense...)

Like the days of yore, you will need to use your imagination. Luckily, you have me to guide you through it. I'm listening with you.

SoundCloud - Slow Walk Through A Digital Forest

Track 1. Slow Walk Through a Digital Forest (2:36)

You'll need to close your eyes for this one. The reason is simple: you're taking a walk at night. Now, I fully understand you cannot read with your eyes closed, so I will prime the landscape for you. First, you're wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, and comfortable sneakers. You're on a walk.

It's not a regular walk, though. It's different because it's only happening in your mind. It's a little eerie being in this dark forest all alone. You look to your left, and a glow of light emerges from behind the trees near you. You think nothing of it. This is natural of The Digital Forest.

Your feet crunch the dead leaves beneath your feet. The sound is pixelated. You're aware of the sky above you, the dark hues of blue, purple, magenta, and green. It's like a digital aurora borealis, pixels are falling in streams... No need to worry, although the sky is falling, it's only air. The tops of trees sway.

Track 2. A Vessel of Light Descends Upon The Forest (2:55)

So, this is jarring. Your calm walk has been interrupted.

The sky is, in fact, falling! This incredible light descends in front of your walking direction through The Digital Forest, announcing itself in a swell of wind and light. The vessel, as far as you can tell, is about the width of a bus, but it's circular. I'll say it: it looks like a flying saucer. The light coming from the bottom of the vessel is vividly pixelated in tiny squares outside of the bright hues of white, baby blue, luminous opera, mint green tint, and yellow flakes of bits and bytes--all emerging from three, rotating globular projections from the vessel.

It's beauty. And then, nothing.

Track 3. A Gift Is Given (4:03)

You don't understand how, but you are no longer in the forest; you're inside the vessel. There's a being in front of you, presumably an alien. The being has a gift for you.

You first look around the ship, the bright pink and magenta walls of lights, displaying languages and images you've never seen. There's glowing green tubes sparsely lining the walls, the surface beneath your feet is solid. You stand in front of the pilot.

"I have something to give to you," says the pilot, then explains what it is, what it means, how it will help you, and how it will change your life.

You feel good. You feel a natural high. Most of all, in front of this stranger, you feel comfortable. You feel like you've known this person your whole life and they mean the world to you.

Track 4. The Following Morning At Dawn (1:44)

You walk upon the highest point of a ridge around your town, situated in a valley surround by mountains. You can see the orange and yellow emerging from the sky, behind the black mountains hiding the sun.

It's no longer a digital landscape. You're in a world of reality. And, nothing seems different. It's always been this way.

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