Sunday, 3 March 2013

Atheist Christian

Look at my piety,
My sense of morality
I got it from my patriarch
Who learned it because of me.

I judge those below me
They know not Christianity
Sinners are outside of me
I’ve now become wed.

Look at the child from
My heterosexuality
I’ll show you this side of me
And I’ll show you not else.

My husband believes in me;
a baby came out of me!
My Facebook is proud of me
Now I’m raising a child.

My one-dimensionality
Will not be the death of me
When the economy tumbles
And I’m force to the streets

Now I’ve lost my sanity
And with it morality
As men have their way with me
When my husband’s not here.

My child’s took to foraging
And me, to forgetting
About my absent deity
when comforts are bare.

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