Thursday, 25 October 2012

Anagram: TAXI Advertising Agency Cover Letter

Talented, adept, extraordinary industrials,

There's an exciting, incendiary talent, as xerocopy illustrates, that asks expressed idyllic travail and exploit. I'm trying an excruciating inquiry to ask, xenially, if transcendence allows xyloid initiation. Tactfully asking, extra idiolectically, traverses antithetical, xenophobic ignotisms. True?

An exceptional individual, tryingly accomplished xenophile is totally, accurately explained inside the afformentioned xerographic insignia. Traditional academic xesturgy inclusive, this advertiser xographically illustrates true, accute excellence inherently.

To amalgamate xystons/interfaces to a xeno-inclusive trial, accept xenodochial inscription through appropriate xenagogue.

Erick Stow for TAXI

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