Sunday, 5 January 2014

Why Men Cheat

On accounts of men cheating: first, it's in our nature. When one thinks about men, naturally, one has to admit that one man will chase many women throughout his life. He pursues because he must, he provides to prove he pursues, he works everyday to prove his masculinity. Where women are the gate the keeps the prize, men understand that not all gates are locked so he will, throughout his life, test many doors. This is basic. We're made to spread our seed.

Second, man cheats because he's dumb. It's arrogance, really. He will settle down with a nice girl and practice everyday not looking at asses and breasts as they move past him on the street. He will make himself chaste, ONLY if he's lucky will his mind agree with his body and make it easy on him. However, men will sometimes lose track of his body or trust himself to a degree in which he pushes himself beyond his mental capacity to remain honest to one woman. We're passionate creatures, us mammals. We love to love. It's in all of our natures and newness is that fresh taste of forbidden fruit that lingers in an orchard when our mouth is whet with hunger. Drunk on our own ambitions, lost of inhibitions, we sometimes give in to that fruit, only to regret what we have just eaten.

Finally, men don't want to cheat, but sometimes as it were we're led into temptations without our will. We're not beyond being seduced because seduction happens so rarely. We build barriers and they can be broken with persistence and incentive. Try as we might, an honest man will find himself in many a precarious situation while saying "No!" ...but it only takes once, am I right?

To a degree, it's situational: maybe he wants to test the devotion of his partner (men are, after all, insecure). Maybe it's a push to end it. Maybe it's a deeper issue that's been brewing, but he doesn't know how to bring it up.

Everything we have and are are there to find and keep our mate. Everything we do is to be happy in home and hearth. Any misdeeds performed fit into the realm of this jaunt. Suffering, though, is a fact of life.

I hope I've provided some perspective.

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