Wednesday, 6 March 2013


For the love of Hermes, didn't I listen.
Trees fall, sun kitten panther glisten.
Passing polls and pogo sticks kiss him.
Bull studded flat top: the whole fist in.

Chock draft full of Tom Foolery, 
finish product fasten staples: ingenuity. 
Gliding concrete, face down, a clue in me
is sister Santa Claus callous; 'tis you in me.

Taboo test insecticide, furtive. 
Candid collies and fulcrum called collective. 
Tail spin addict and full on face suggestive.
Could tighten bolts holding light erective.

Distinct rink fantasizing incredible
For kicks rock the trigger gang edible
Vista glee and cock ring fan glammable
Distinct size came ramrod flammable.

Pit divot peel out gaff then Fandango 
Ring sound song family movie Rango.
Call cop squad kick squall dip tango
'fore Shaka Khan took wrong lingo. Bingo.

Hook, links, and sinker; white heat dangerous.
Fail fakers lane changing Range Rover egregious
flank canker sores causing blisters boisterous
plug-wands wave flavouring hoister-ups.

Flavour change: the next new eatery inclusive;
E! Entertainment change-up wrap exclusive.
Send resume, send resume, creative juices.
Vanish ego frost ergo jobs elusive.

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