Saturday, 9 July 2016

Happy Man Builds A Boat

Happy Man builds a boat. 

It floats, and fish begin to jump onboard. 

He gets into the boat to test it out. Still floats. A fish jumps in. Then another, and another. 

Soon, the boat is being weighed down by the fish. So he sails to a shore where he sells the fish to market (for a happy price).

HappyMan then returns to his shore and asks the BoatMaster to build him a fleet of boats. Boatmaster complies, and boats-- in straight lines as far as the eye can see--appear on the water in a flash. Fish begin jumping into all of the boats.

Boat Master teaches Happy Man how to conjure a bigger boat and, when he does, larger fish begin jumping into it. Endowed with the magic of BoatMaster, Happy Man conjures a larger fleet of larger boats. He then notices the smaller boats are full with so many fish they can hold no more. Happy Man, therefore, conjures an admiral boat, delegates an Admiral to take control of the small fleet, and sends Admiral to sail to far away lands and sell the fish to a larger market. 

Admiral returns and is paid for his duties. BoatMaster and Happy Man share the rest of the profits.

During their transaction, the small boats have, again, become full of fish, Happy Man sends Admiral, again, to sell the fish.

Happy Man sees the larger boats are so full of larger fish they can hold no more. Happy Man conjures a larger admiral boat and larger boat fleet, then delegates a More Decorated Admiral to sell the larger fish. 

The Boatmaster and Happy Man discuss the demand for, and the future of, fish. The two Admirals return to share profits. Happy Man and BoatMaster conjure a Whale Lab. Many boats flock to the lab for the lab-grown whales. Happy Man designates the Admiral to manage the lab’s operations and More Decorated Admiral to sell the boats he and BoatMaster conjured. 

Using the gains from the sale of boats and the initial profits from Whale Lab, BoatMaster and Happy Man design and build an innovative Air Whale Lab facilities in skies around the planet. Air ships of all kinds flock to the purchase the lab’s goods. Happy Man designates More Decorated Admiral to manage the facility’s operations.

Admiral reports positive capital gains from Whale Lab. 
More Decorated Admiral reports positive gains from Air Whale Lab. 

Happy Man and BoatMaster use the gains to create a Space Whale labs among the stars. Starships from galaxies all around the universe flock to the space labs. Humbly, Happy Man asks BoatMaster to manage operations in the Space Whale Lab. 

Happy Man builds a inter-dimensional starship and sails to another dimension in another universe. He conjures a Multidimensional Whale Lab (in a happy universe). The most prestigious vessels from all times, spaces, universes, and dimensions still unknown flock to purchase the lab’s Whales. 

Happy Man stays to manage the facility’s operations.

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